Carrie Carney

Voice Actor, TTRPG Creative, Seeker of Stories and Community


My name is Carrie (they/any) and I'm a mixed Korean, genderqueer/non-binary Voice Actor and Creative seeking adventure and connection through stories. From video games to TTRPGs and board games to animation and illustration, I'm always in pursuit of creative endeavors, including acting, improv, and other performance experiences and opportunities.

I periodically host a Twitch channel where I play video games, draw, and chat, with plans to expand into TTRPG content. I and my Twitch community, the Mizellaneous, have raised nearly $10,000 on Tiltify since 2018 for a variety of charities, including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and AbleGamers. Charity fundraising is and always will be an ongoing focus of mine!

I'd love to collaborate on creative projects and can be reached via any of the links at the bottom of the site or via email. I'm based in Phoenix, AZ, but love to travel to Los Angeles, CA, and most places around and in between. Let's connect!

A headshot of Carrie, turned slightly to their right. They wear a white button up shirt with illustrated eyes, two black necklaces, and a small smile. Her faded, multicolor pastel hair is lifted in a mussy do.
Photography by Mike Garcia (IG: @themikegarcia /

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